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Assignable meaning in hindi

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  • Meditation Left: Jain nuns meditating, Right: 10th century depicting standing meditation posture Jainism considers meditation dhyana a necessary practice, but its goals are very different than those in Buddhism and Hinduism. Karma is thus an nimitta in Jain philosophy, but not the upadana. What is another word for assiduousness? What is another word for assign? What is another word for assignability? What is another word for assignable?Plaintiff. E party who sues in a civil action; a complainant; the prosecution—that is, a state or the United States representing the people—in a criminal case.
  • According to Vilas Sangave, the mantra means "all life is bound together by mutual support and interdependence. When all these petty folks cease to ask for it insurrectionally, which to my mind is the synonym of constitutionally, the government will build it.

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assignable meaning in hindi

ABSTAIN Pronunciation n meaning in hindi

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